Learn Guitar with Rod Ewald

Online Guitar Lessons based in Portland, OR

Music is my passion, my only vocation.

I am offering online guitar lessons, music theory, arranging, recording and musical coaching that is fun and customized to each individual. Please listen to my song samples (above right) to best understand my musical style and my recording and mixing capabilities. The recording platform I use is Studio One but I can coach recording regardless of the platform you use.  If you are looking for a good, fun coach, I would like to meet you.


I have been a teacher since 1994 and have taught private lessons full-time since 2004. Many of my students have been with me for ten years or more. Building a deep relationship and understanding of your music is the heart of my teaching.  I can help you play any style of music with grace and confidence.

My own early struggles with learning music have made me a better teacher: I started by teaching myself, but could only go so far alone; I later learned from gifted musicians, but some of them weren’t the best teachers. These experiences taught me that to learn well you need clearly explained small steps that are carefully matched to your needs and ability. You also want to study the type of music that is most interesting to you.

Guitar Lessons in PortlandI am passionate about conveying a love of music, and I’ll teach any style of music that you like presented in easily understood steps.

More than just Guitar Lessons

In addition to teaching practical acoustic and electric guitar techniques, I am a singer and I can show you how to better use the guitar as accompaniment with your vocals. I can help you create vocal harmonies and vocal arrangements if that is your goal. I also welcome students who want to improve their songwriting and recording.  Learn to write and orchestrate multiple parts, record on digital multi-track recording software, process sound, add effects, and create clear final mixes of high quality. I am fluent with Studio One software, but my coaching translates to any DAW platform.

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